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How to Hire a Belly Dancer

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Hiring a Bellydancer for your next event can be an exciting and wonderful experience. Whether you are looking to add a cultural flair to a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event, having a professional Bellydancer will be sure to make your event memorable. But how do you go about hiring a Bellydancer? Here are some tips to help you find the right Bellydancer for your event. 1. Research different Bellydance styles. There are many different types of Bellydance styles, from traditional Egyptian, Turkish, modern or fusion and it’s important to understand the different styles and what style would best suit your event. 2. Research potential Bellydancers. Once you’ve determined the style you’re looking for, it’s time to find a few potential Bellydancers to consider for your event. Look for Bellydancers who have a good amount of experience and have positive reviews from past clients. Ask them how many years they've been dancing and if they have any testimonials. 3. Ask for a video. Many Bellydancers have a plethora of photos but make sure to ask for recent videos to make sure you are getting an accurate idea of their skill level, their look and style. 4. Once you’ve found the right Bellydancer for your event, it’s time to negotiate a fee. Make sure to factor in the Bellydancer’s experience, travel costs, and any other associated expenses. 5. Make sure to ask if she is the dancer who will perform or if she will contract out another performer.Some dancers send different dancers from their dance company be sure to ask if she will be the dancer performing or if she will send someone else in her place.

6. Send a deposit and sign a contract. Before booking a Bellydancer, make sure to send a deposit in order to save the date and get an agreement in writing that outlines the details of the performance and the fee. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that you have a clear understanding of expectations.

Once you've chosen your dancer, here are a few tips to make sure everything goes smoothly and the dancer can provide you her best show.

1. Provide your dancer with a close parking spot. Dancers usually have their hands full carrying their costume, props and sometimes even sound equipment so make sure you save a parking spot as close to the entrance as possible to make it easier for her to set everything up.

2. Make sure she has a private room where she can change, prepare her props, music, and everything she'll need for a good show. Ideally this is a room with an outlet plug, mirrors and water to drink. Most dancers are able to get ready in meagre spaces but the nicer the space the better she'll be able to prepare a beautiful show. Most dancers need between 10-20 min of prep-time before their show.

3. Send her a picture of the performance area ahead of time so that she can prepare the right dance shoes to wear, and which props are appropriate for the size of the space. For instance, if the party is in a backyard with low hanging string lights, props like wings or fan veils might get caught on the lights and mess up the show. Make sure that the dance area is free of any hazardous objects.

4. Connect her with your DJ so that they can coordinate the music ahead of time. Most bellydancers bring their music playlist on a phone, but some DJ's don't have the proper connections to connect their phone and may require the playlist be brought on a USB flash drive or emailed ahead of time. If you are not planning to have a DJ, make sure that you discuss connectivity. Not all speakers can connect with blue tooth especially if your sound system is connected to a smart home sound system. If you don't have a speaker or DJ, the bellydancer can bring her own sound system at an additional fee.

5. Let the bellydancer know of any color theme. Send her pictures of the centerpieces, flowers, balloons and decorations so she can get an idea of the colors and overall vibe of the party and choose the best fitting and most appropriate costume and props for your event.

6. Let her know the general age group and demographic of the guests attending so that she can include songs that everyone will be excited to get up and dance to. For instance, if most of your guests are Persian, she could include some popular Persian songs in the audience participation segment of her show. If the guests are mostly American or Hispanic, it may not make sense for her to include Persian music in the set but she'll need to know this ahead of time. Feel free to make any song requests especially if theres a particular song you know the guest of honor loves to dance to. Keep in mind bellydancers usually have a set of songs for their show but there is definitely wiggle room to add requests during the interactive part of the show.

7. If it's a surprise party, be sure to let the dancer know ahead of time. This way she can plan a discreet arrival. Be sure to specify if you need her to arrive in costume and ready to dance or if its better for her to arrive in regular clothes and change inside.

The more details the bellydancer knows about the party, the more she can tailor her show to fit the event and provide the best experience ever.

Hiring a Bellydancer can be a great way to add a unique and memorable element to your next event. Just make sure to do your research, view videos of potential Bellydancers, and negotiate a fee before signing a contract. With a bit of preparation, you can ensure that your event is one to remember. Hope this post helps you on how to hire a belly dancer :)

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